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E-CHECK: Safety Guaranteed......

It is one of our foremost responsibility to maintain the safety and security of the information and crucial data provided by our customers, this is the reason why we promote payments or transactions only through E-check method. E-check method is an alternative electric version of a real check. The information is transferred by e-mail and then to continue the process the transfer, a digital signature is required which comprises of the sender’s private key to validate the transfer. To begin with, the transaction requires a confirmation call, to continue with the transaction, it is essential that the call is approved by the payer. All these measures are taken by us only to secure the transactions as it is our duty to make use of the most up-to-date information protection features.

We have turned to e-commerce payment system and urge our customers to do so too as it makes transactions more secure at both ends and is easy to deal with. Due to a mass increase in internet-based shopping and banking, e-commerce payment system have gained huge popularity, primarily because the customer does not have to move with cash all the time and a single card can fulfill the requirement, the whole transaction process is also broadly termed as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This is, of course, a stepwise process but all the steps are necessarily maintained to provide security for your money.


Via E-check, we try to keep your transactions from


  • Fraudulent and hoax companies


  • Unnecessarily consume your time


  • Duplication of the customer checks that are scanned via electronic depiction.


Advantages of E-check methods


  • The whole process reduces the processing cost by up to 60% as a comparatively lower number of manpower is required.


  • It is a relatively much faster process when compared with the traditional paper check method.


  • It significantly brings down the potential for error and fraud as it is a multi-step process.


  • This is a convenient and easy to access method which is helpful in increasing the expansion of business as well.