Jennifer found out her epilepsy condition when she was barely of age 22. For some years, she had not realized that she was having seizures. Below story explains her struggle with epilepsy disorder and how she was able to come through epilepsy with the use of Lyrica.

She came to know about her condition after her marriage with Albert, who only noticed it and made her seek doctor help. At first, she thought Albert is wrong about her, as her parents had not ever noticed about this. She had left temporal lobe epilepsy with complex partial epilepsy. She went blank, dribbles, and barely responded to anything. When epilepsy triggered, she was not aware of its occurrence, it lasts for about one minute.

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Epilepsy usually triggered her at nighttime during her sleep. Albert says, she makes strange sounds that are worse than snoring. She is not aware how often it happens once or twice a week. She went to a neurologist who said it seemed like epilepsy. Later after EEG test, she was left in shock when epilepsy was confirmed. She had heard that people fell and wriggle in epilepsy but she did not knew that it had other forms also.

The biggest hit was when she lost her driving license, as you cannot drive when you have epilepsy. She had taken many medications but many proved worse. It was after she tried Lyrica, she grew better. She found improvement in her condition. After using it for some time, epilepsy had stopped occurring. This medication was proved best for ceasing her epilepsy condition. Now seizures hardly come. She has not felt so much relaxed before as she has now. Her life became better, peaceful and even her relationships grew stronger.

Lyrica generic Pregabalin works by coupling with alpha-2 delta site in central nervous system tissue. It suppresses seizures and fibromyalgia. Lyrica capsule is accessible in dose strengths of 25 mg, 50 mg, 75 mg, 150 mg, 200 mg, 225 mg, and 300 mg.

The dose for the management of epilepsy: Patient should intake 75 mg of Lyrica orally twice per day or 50 mg of Lyrica orally thrice per day. The dose of Lyrica can be maximized to 600 mg per day in two or three divided doses. The dose for the diabetic neuropathy: Patient must ingest 50 mg of Lyrica orally thrice in a day and therefore the dose could also be increased to 100 mg orally thrice in a day at intervals, one week with effectiveness and tolerability. Adult dose for neuropathic pain or Fibromyalgia condition: Use 75 mg of Lyrica orally double per day; the dose can be uplifted to 150 mg of Lyrica orally twice per day at intervals one week.

Never consume Lyrica if you are sensitive to the current drug. Gestating mothers and lactating mothers should not use Lyrica. Prevent alcoholic beverages after you are taking Lyrica. Patients who have unsafe thoughts should be careful before using Lyrica. There are chances of dizziness or blurred vision with Lyrica so avoid indulging in harsh activities.

Be careful of facet effects with Lyrica like tremors, sleepiness, drowsiness, loss of balance, memory drawback, dizziness, breast swelling, muscle pain, and simple bruising.     

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