This is no more a doubt that depression has become a most common mental disorder. It is a serious mental problem that sometimes demands months or years for the treatment. Every year, there are millions of persons who suffer from depression but things become worse because there is only one-third of these persons who ever seek treatment. This is because depression is always supposed as a mental affliction and people don’t want to call by name of mentally ill. Therefore many people want to manage this problem by themselves without taking any one’s help. It did not go on its own if not treated it get worse with time.

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Depression happens due to a variety of factors and it can be genetic, biological, physical and sensitive. In simple words, the activities of daily life and surroundings become more important. Tension and other negative factors may also contribute to this problem. Serious physical problems can also lead to depression such as ongoing serious disease. It is a simplest mental problem that needs to stop or to pause or to relieve. It has been heard many times by youngsters that they are depressed but these words are simple to say but hard to face. It is mostly supposed that depression is just a case of extreme unhappiness. However depression is far apart from too much sadness it may seriously harm and ruin lives, if not treated appropriately. Thus, taking a right medicine Valdoxan 25 mg is very much of importance for saving a person from severe outcomes of depression.

Valdoxan is the most suggested mediation which can easily treat depressive disorder due to any cause. This medicine can also treat any symptom such as sorrow, sadness, excessive frustration, and loneliness so that you can live in a relaxed manner. Basically, this medication aims correctly up to the circadian phase so that you become normal again and enjoy an amazing life. Agomelatine is the main generic compound present in this medication which is best recommended by the doctors. This medication is immediately effective when other drugs take time to show its action in the body. Even no drug withdrawal symptom has been seen after discontinuation of this medicine because it does not trigger the serotonin receptors.

Agomelatine works in the body in two different ways firstly it progresses the MT1 and MT2 receptors and secondly it inhibits the -HT2C receptors present in the CNS. It augments the levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenaline in the body. This drug enhances the intensities of the neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenaline for effectively controlling the negative mood resulting in an enhancement of the intensities of the neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenaline. By this way, this drug treats up depression and make your stay calm every time.

Valdoxan is easily obtained in the tablet formulation in dosing strength of 25 mg after consulting with the doctor. Initially, you need to take one dose of Valdoxan 25 mg medication orally with an ample sum of water. If you did not find it effective within2 weeks of treatment then you increase the dosing strength after asking with your doctor. You need to use this drug for the duration of 6 months for managing the depressive symptoms.

The possible side effects of Valdoxan are as follows feeling sick, abdominal pain, excessive sweating, vomiting, tiredness, diarrhea, back pain, constipation, and anxiety. Take some cautionary measures such as: Go to the hospital immediately if you feel that you were not feeling well after taking this medicine. There are chances of serious allergic reaction after taking this drug so call your doctor immediately if you notice so.

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