The easiest & effective way to express your deep love to your partner is a sexual connection.Though older the relation gets we change our ways to express our love to the partner only one thing remains constant and this is our sexual behavior. Everyone has its own way of expressing love and making love in bed. Advancing age do bring some change but the feelings and most times the posture remains the same which many times set the relationship in the back gear making you struggle with yourself and keeping the partner in an unsatisfied condition.

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Getting old is a natural process and with age changes do happen in our bodies however if you manage your health is the best possible manner by keeping a schedule to your sleeping and waking time, having healthy meals, doing exercise daily, avoiding the abuse of alcohol and recreational drugs. Having a positive attitude towards life do a great job as this not only gives you the power to rise above your odds but also make you capable to effectively move over your stressful mental state which is a major reason to the development of Erectile Dysfunction condition in men.

Though this condition might happen to any man it’s completely curable with the medication Cenforce available in the market in dosing concentrates of 50, 100, 150 & 200mg. Sildenafil is the active drug module present in a brand that gives a man instant erection on receiving the stimulation to make out physical session. The Cenforce pill can be taken by a man at an hour before making love without chewing or crushing the medicine. Once you take up this pill it will retain the effect till long-term 4-5 hours. Abide taking this medicine twice in 24 hours duration else you may get a painful erection.

Consuming Cenforce instantly seizes the activity of enzymes PDE5 whose basic function in the body is to disintegrate the molecules of cGMP into minute subunits. Restriction to the PDE5 enzyme activity will heighten the level of cGMP and NO in the men penile vicinity. That later turn the men instantly active and sturdy in the penile due to the rigorous flow of blood in the groin region.This medicine makes men go active in bed for a long time.

Certain side effects associated to the usage of Cenforce medication are bothering pain in the head, sore throat, diarrhea, nausea, trembling in muscles, stiffness in the back, shortening of breath, swelling over lips &face, tearing in the penile skin and Priapism.

Cautionary measures man can follow with Cenforce medication are avoiding the beverages that have the high concentration of alcohol and caffeine. Avoid cigarette smoking, grapefruit juice, oil fried junk foods and cheesy eatables as this delays the effect of the medicine. Drugs enfolding nitrates moiety must not be accompanied by Cenforce. Machinery operation &riding motorbike are not safe tasks to be done after taking the pill.

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