College days are the fun days being a sports person Susan was much more open, independent and aware of her rights. She is the girl with full of energy, charm, laughter, challenges ready, strong mind and positive attitude. She makes friends easily and doesn’t hesitate to get intimate casually. As for her intimacy is the best way to burn some calories when you’re in no more mood to exercise or wants some extra calories to be out of your body.

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Well her logic is right! Intimacy is the best way to burn some calories and an effective mode to de-stress the body and the mind. Therefore, she has a simple policy the boy she used to liked she don’t hesitate much to get intimate. Taking precaution is the best way to deal with any misshapingbut for every time you should be lucky it’s not guaranteed with the latex barrier called condoms. There are many reports in which a woman gets unknowingly conceived with an unwanted fetus due to unaware of the Condom leakage and tearing. Hey! However,this does notmean that now you had left with no option and you have to continue with anunwanted pregnancy in any way.

Still, you have the choice to make your decision either in favor or in against of the pregnancy continuation, If you want it you can keep it and you really don’t need it then you can dump it with the aid of abortion pills Cytotec 200mcg consisting active ingredient Misoprostol.

Susan visited the clinic for anabortion, reaching without apartner and any guardian leads to rejection of the application by the hospital administration. Failing to get her abortion done in the hospital, Susan looks for the natural ways to induce abortion but nothing works for her. Reading on theinternetshe came to know about Cytotec medication, which has Misoprostol as the active ingredient and the manner via it, induces abortion in the way is also natural. Once you consume thismedication,it induces strong contractile motions and softens the cervical opening to facilitate the menstrual bleeding. You can use these abortion pills only before 7 weeks of can buy abortion pill online over the counter too.

Cytotec pack of abortion pills has 12 units in the pack, which a woman has to consume in aset of 4 pills three times giving the gap of three hours between each dosing repetition. You have to take Cytotec pills sublingually or you can insert the pills deep in your vaginal cavity to induce an abortion that is complete, safe, secure, cheap, easy to perform by self and can be done without any guardian and partner approval. After 2 days its suggested in women to go for an ultrasound to see everything is clear off from the uterus.

A side effect of taking Cytotec medication is intense abdominal pain, chills, cold, fever, headache, poor digestion and depression.

Cautionary measures you can follow with dosing of Cytotec involves a pre-ultrasound to detect that pregnancy is not ectopic, as taking abortion pill, in this case, is threatening. Do not insert Cytotec pills without taking your IUD from the vaginal opening. Take rest, healthy diet and avoid astrenuous workout.

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