Alcoholism is a condition defined in a patient with the drinking of alcohol that outcome with the consequences of physical and mental health problems. Alcoholism is a condition defined by conditions associated with the alcohol use according to the frequency or amount of alcohol intake. The medical disease of chronic alcoholism not only disrupts the user's life but also affects the living of associated well-wishers. Mostly adults are encountered with signs and symptoms of alcohol intoxication or over-consumption of alcohol of delayed reflexes, incoherent or slurred speech, clumsiness or poor balance, blacking-out, loss of consciousness, nausea vomiting, abdominal pain, redness of face during or after the alcohol consumption with many other serious issues. Hence, the inhibition of alcohol use is the most recommended regimen for such patients and the most common and widely used therapy is by using Disulfiram medication among such patients. This medication helps patients with chronic alcoholism condition and let you help live the normal life.


disulfiram 500 mg tablet

Description of Disulfiram:                                                            

Disulfiram tablets is an orally ingested formulation that is immensely used in the treatment of chronic alcoholism condition in patients. Disulfiram should be given along with proper support and counseling to the patients taking Disulfiram medication for getting rid of alcoholism. Disulfiram medication helps the patients stay away from the consumption of alcohol by producing unagreeable effects if you drink alcohol. This way, patients refuse to drink alcohol and treat the condition of alcohol addiction.

Therapeutic action of Disulfiram:

Disulfiram is a generic component accessible in varied brand names and acts as an antagonist to alcohol. Thus, Disulfiram blocks the action of an enzyme, which is involved in alcohol metabolizing after consumption. This way, the patient suffers from unpleasant effects if he/she consumes alcohol with the use of Disulfiram medication that helps the patients to avoid alcohol drinking.

The dosing regimen of Disulfiram:

Disulfiram 500mg is the most suggested orally administered dosage strength formulation that is used as the first phase of treatment. The advised dosing schedule is the administration of a single dose of Disulfiram 500mg for one to two weeks. Disulfiram is usually suggested to be taken during the morning time for one time daily. Take Disulfiram with an oral route with the average maintenance dose of 250mg in a day. The maximum dose of Disulfiram should not be more than 500mg a day. Disulfiram medication must be given with the patient's consent.

Therapy of Disulfiram may cause some undesirable effects of dizziness, decreased libido in men, headache, acne, skin rashes, unusual tiredness, metallic or garlic-like taste in mouth, mood swings, tingling, or numbness.

Therefore, the following safety precautions should be taken care when you are using Disulfiram-

  • Disulfiram medicine is contradictory to be taken if the patient has taken any product that may encompass alcohol, Metronidazole or paraldehyde within last 12-hour duration.
  • Disulfiram medicine is conflicting to be taken if you are pregnant or a lactating mother. Children and geriatric people should not be given Disulfiram.
  • You should not take Disulfiram if you are suffering from health complications of diabetes, thyroid, heart, epilepsy, brain or head disorders, and in case of oversensitivity to any ingredient of Disulfiram.
  • Use of Disulfiram is conflicting with any other medicine unless suggested.
  • Driving, operating any machinery or any other similar activities should be avoided after using Disulfiram.

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