Wantedness is the most basic right of a child, we are talking about wantedness of a baby by her own mother/ parents, and it is not only the right of a child, vice versa actually. It seems many of us feel that talking down the abortion laws will reduce the incidents of abortion; well, in that case, we can have a look at countries which do not have any laws and then compare. Besides, people will not stop having sex, and there is always a chance of faltering, so...

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What purpose will it serve, except for making some ideologies feel happy, what purpose will having a child a person doesn't want to serve?  What if that child finds out? What psychological impression will it have on the child, if the parents are unable to give him the right nutrition, the right education, right toys; right fulfillment of his/her desires, then is it not as cruel as abortion. Nobody wants an abortion they just have to have it because at moments it is required. If we work for diminishing the reasons that lead to abortion, then the world might be a much better place. Promotion of better contraception, better health options to the newborn, monetary help to those who need for raising a child, comprehensive sex education etc can bring the whole thing down in a better way, where nobody gets hurt and nobody has to suffer from being an unwanted child or a forced mother. It may take some time but this seems to be the right thing to do.

Cytotec 200mcg tablets is a powerful medication that is used for the termination of a pregnancy which is up to or less than 7 weeks old. Abortion by Cytotec is a completely a nonsurgical way of abortion, that can be conducted even inside the close confinements of your home.  Cytotec is widely preferred by women as the drug is reasonably rated, safer, lesser complicated, less painful and tool-free method to conduct the conclusion of pregnancy. Cytotec contains an FDA approved moiety called Misoprostol which is its active therapeutic ingredient.you can buy abortion pill online over the counter too.

Misoprostol belongs to the prostaglandin analog category of medication. This medicine imparts its effects by softening the cervical part. The drug facilities the death of fetal cells and its exclusion by inducing energetic contractions that dump out the cell debris in form of bleeding, and clots.

Cytotec comes in a pack of 12 pills of generic Misoprostol (200 mcg each). These 12 pills can either be taken orally or vaginally. Segregate the 12 pills in a group of 3, each containing four pills, each batch taken after a gap of 5 hours. You can confirm your abortion by getting an Ultrasonography done after 2 days of taking the pills.

A few related side effects that may bother a few users are nausea, back pain, diarrhea, dizziness, increased vaginal bleeding, vaginal discomfort, and vaginal discharge

A few precautionary measures to be taken:

  • Take proper bed rest and nutritious food to recover faster from the losses incurred during an abortion.
  • You are advised to stay away from alcohol and heavy smoke as that may increase the complications.
  • Do not indulge in any sexual activity till you are completely recovered, that increases the risk of complications.