Almost, everyone faces low mood or sadness at some point in the life like the break-up of a romantic relationship, failure in examination, the death of beloved ones, etc. However, for some people, negative mood or sadness is more serious and long lasting than a bad mood caused by a comparatively normal type of life stress. This is when somebody moves from having a normal reaction to a negative circumstance to facing depression. Depression can significantly influence the quality of your life that it can affect your thinking ability, your behavior, and your feelings.

Valdoxan 25mg tablets

Depression goes far away from feeling sad or disappointed over something in the short-term or a reaction to somewhat negative that occurs. Living in depression can influence your mood, thoughts, feelings, behaviors and physical or emotional health. The consistent and severe depression can cause you to experience a loss of energy and lack of enthusiasm that make you feel the lossofpleasure in the things you once enjoyed. The loss of energy and motivation may affect your abilities to function in many major areas of your life. Leaving depression untreated can cause many other complications, so manage it by using anti-depressant drugs like Valdoxan 25mg tablets.

Valdoxan is a wonderful anti-depressant therapy used in the treatment of major depressive disorders. This medicine helps patients to get quick relief from the symptoms of depression like deep sorrow, intense sadness, gloominess, clumsiness, restiveness, or melancholy. This medicine also allows them to have instant recuperation in their mood, desire for food, sleep, and energy level so that they can enjoy their daily life to the fullest. Agomelatine is a foremost counteractive ingredient of Valdoxan.

Agomelatine is a potent analog of Melatonin. This medicine exhibits its remedial action by producing antagonistic effects on 5HT2c receptors and agonistic effects on melatonin receptors. The execution of agonistic activity by this medicine at melatonin (MT1 and MT2 receptor-site) receptors leads to the prompt recuperation in the body’s sleep regimen. The antagonistic effects of this medicine on 5HT2c receptors lead to the emancipation of norepinephrine and dopamine. The increased concentration of these neurotransmitters in CNS brings immediate recovery from depressed mood.

Valdoxan tablet is mainly obtainable in a single dosing strength of 25mg. The dose suggested for the treatment of the major depressive disorder is that consume a single Valdoxan 25mg tablet orally once a day at bedtime, with a copious quantity of water. In case of severe depression, one should consume two Valdoxan 25mg tablets orally once a day at bedtime, with plenty quantity of water. One can devour a whole Valdoxan tablet orally, without breaking or crushing the tablet.

Valdoxan is a very secure and well-tolerated ant-depressant medication, but sometimes its utilization may cause a few noxious effects such as headache, giddiness, sleepiness, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, stomachache, extreme sweating, aching back, drowsiness, and restlessness.

Things to be remembered while being treated with Valdoxan:

Avoid the intake of alcoholic beverages or sedative medications while being treated with Valdoxan medicine. The use of Valdoxan medicine may cause lightheadedness or sleepiness, so do not carry out any risky task after using this medicine. Do not allow anyone below 18 years of age to use this medicine. Seek a doctor’s advice prior to using Valdoxan medicine if you are pregnant or lactating your child.

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