Girls have goals! Some have a career related while some have marriage related. However, it is sure that none of them have a goal of becoming a mother before getting married. At the teenage, both girls and boys fly in the air without wings because they start realizing the feelings of love. This is the time when they got attracted towards each other, however, some of them were looking for the true love while others were doing that for becoming “cool” or advance in their peer group.

You were also at that age; the feeling of love was also new for you till “HE” knocks the window of your heart. Getting blushed after his proposal and your friends saying of true love make you fall for him and finally, you were in a relationship. Love is beautiful but till that when it remains within some limits when it crosses the limits then it is a subject of concern. This happened to you; your love crossed the limit of intimacy. For you nothing was wrong in it because you were in a true relationship however what happened next was wrong, you were pregnant! As expected you cannot continue it because you have some goals regarding your future and therefore you end it up with abortion by MTP Kit.

MTP Kit is an economical way of ending an unexpected pregnancy of 9 weeks without any hospitalization so it can be done at home by you without any one’s help. The pricing of medical abortion is far cheaper than surgical abortion so it is almost chosen by every female. Apart from that its route of administration is so easier that it does not cause any injury in the vaginal or cervical part. It is used for early abortions and caused by abortion pills namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol. This has a very high success rate and is 95-97 percent effective.

The first medication– Mifepristone is responsible for blocking the action of progesterone hormone. This action results in cutting the supply of essential requirements of the baby resulting in the fetal death. The other medicinal compound– Misoprostol causes so strong contractions in the body which makes the fetus to get expelled out of the body resulting in the heavy bleeding and clotting.

Making abortion by taking these pills is so easier: In each pack of MTP kit, there is total one pill of Mifepristone (200mg) and four pills of Misoprostol (each of 200mcg). Wake up early morning, and take one tablet of Mifepristone in a fasting stomach by the mouth with plenty of water. On the third day, there is a need to take all tablets of Misoprostol by vaginal or oral route. On your 14th day, there is a need to go for an ultrasound for verifying that no traces of abortion remains inside the body.

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There are some unwanted side effects in the body such as a cough, sweating, diarrhea, nervousness, difficulty in breathing, sweating, vaginal bleeding, difficulty in breathing, fever, body sores, chest pain, cough, difficulty in urination, lightheadedness, insomnia, weakness, tremors, vomiting, nausea, and acidity.

Take some cautious measures such as: Don’t take MTP kit if you are facing an ectopic pregnancy. Don’t take any alcoholic products as they may only worsen the side effects of this kit.

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