In today's article, you will get to know why women prefer medical abortion instead of surgical abortion:

SURGICAL ABORTION: This is an abortion procedure in which suction is used to remove the pregnancy tissue from the womb. There is the use of local anesthesia, or conscious sedation to make the woman unaware of the feeling of pain. In this procedure, there is a risk of infection to the vaginal or cervical part because of insertion of surgical tools in that area. After abortion via this way, most of the women go through a range of feelings such as anxiety and sadness. This horrible experience remains in the mind of a woman for a long time, even she needs to rest for longer duration and cannot return her work soon.

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MEDICAL ABORTION: This is the other name given to Abortion pills. Firstly this is not a procedure, this is a process. For pregnancy less than 9 weeks, no other way can work better than Abortion pills. It has a very low risk of complications in comparison to surgical abortion. This way works same as natural miscarriage does in the body. At the place, where it is not possible to go to the hospital, then Abortion pills are the first choice that she can choose. For this process, she needs not to go to the hospital, she can use it at her home by herself. She can company any person she trusts, or she can do it alone. It maintains the complete privacy, so there is no chance of leaking to pregnancy news. Just resting for 2 days after abortion and woman can return back to her work. Comparing to the cost of surgical abortion, Abortion pills can be bought by any woman of any class because of its affordable can buy abortion pill online over the counter too.

Abortion pills compose two generic medicines namely Mifepristone & Misoprostol that are FDA approved.

Take Mifepristone: This compound works in the body of women by attaching to progesterone site. This stops the supply of essential requirements to the fetus like oxygen and blood to the fetus which later becomes the cause of death of the fetus.

Take Misoprostol: These pills are responsible for making strong uterine contractile movements that further separates the fetal cells from the mother's womb. After that, it softens the cervix and widens up the opening so that dead fetus goes out from the body via vaginal bleeding.

Dosing proposal of MTP Kit: It has 5 pills in its packet in which one tablet is of Mifepristone 200mg and other 4 tablets are of Misoprostol 200mcg. The first tablet of Mifepristone needs to take orally with an abundance of water but before having any meals in the morning time. After 2 days' rest, take  4 Misoprostol pills via the vaginal or oral route. Go to your nearest clinic after 14 days to be sure about the abortion.

Dosing proposal of Mifeprex/Mifegyne/RU486: It has 3 pills in its packet each of strength 200mg Mifepristone she needs to take in a single dosing with a huge amount of water in an empty stomach. Then after 2 days go for an ultra scan.

Dosing proposal of Cytotec: One packet of it has 12 pills each of strength 200mcg Misoprostol that needs to be taken in the grouping of 4 pills for three times after a gapping of 4 hours in each set dosing. Take these medicine insinuate or put them under your tongue. Then waiting for 2 days, go for an ultrasound to be sure about abortion.

Abortion pills may cause some of the negative effects of chills, fever, sickness, sore throat, back solidity, vaginal blood loss, trembling in legs.


It is very important for every woman after abortion via Abortion pills that she remains on a healthy diet on complete rest until she recovers from the losses happened in the body. If a woman has an allergy to any drug present in Abortion pills then she needs not to opt for any brand of this medicine. If pregnancy if ectopic, it is better to not use Abortion pills.