The decision of getting an abortion was not difficult for you, if you say it a decision– honestly, it was more than a reflex. Although you were confident what you decided, still a bit nervous about the procedure. You do not want to make an appointment and does not have time to wait for your turn, and then the terrible feeling of undergoing a surgical procedure.

NO..NO, you do not want to go for that.

You opted for medical abortion via MTP Kit after researching personal stories about it internet, you are pretty much confident that it is right for you. You have read it that abortion via this MTP kit for most of the women is not more than a severe period.

Now come back at your story back...

You firstly take a home pregnancy test after realizing that you have missed your period. You have a fear that your result should not be positive. The next morning, you finally see the two positive lines, that are somewhat expected.  You hated being pregnant. You do not know that why you are getting tenser.

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You have recently broken up with a man whom you love most in your life. He was with you because of making a physical relationship with you. He always forces you to be intimate and you have never enjoyed romance. What you feel is just intercourse that he does to satisfy himself.

Now you are looking for abortion via MTP Kit.

MTP Kit is the most preferred choice for women, as this allows her to terminate her unplanned pregnancy by managing her time accordingly. She can manage her office schedule accordingly to intake of medicines. This kit can successfully end a pregnancy of 9 weeks easily. She can select any place as per her choice and finally be with any person she trusts or alone can do abortion by herself. The prices of MTP Kit are quite low to any other surgical way of abortion. The main generic medicines present in MTP Kit are Mifepristone and Misoprostol that always rank top one medicine in can buy abortion pill online over the counter too.

First medicine Mifepristone is given to stop the working of progesterone hormone so that delivery of important needs to the developing fetus gets stop making the fetus died. Second medicine Misoprostol is basically a prostaglandin analog that is responsible for making strong continuance contraction in the womb that throws the dead fetus out of the female body.

MTP Kit is a brand name given to a packet containing 1 pill of Mifepristone (200 mg) & 4 pills of Misoprostol (200mcg each). On the first morning, take one tablet of Mifepristone via an oral route with an abundance of water. This does need to be taken on an empty stomach. On the third day, 4 pills of Misoprostol in one does need to be taken via the oral or vaginal route. At the coming of 14th day, she needs to go to the hospital for medical examination via ultrasound.

MTP Kit is a completely safe medicinal way of abortion but some of the risky effects of it are an ache in the pelvic area, faintness, abdominal cramps, stomach ache, headache, sickness, stomach problems, and some vaginal problems like heavy blood loss, discharge, and infection.


  • MTP Kit is safe when the intrauterine device is taken out from the vagina otherwise chances of heavy bleeding gets doubles.
  • MTP Kit is not right medicine when taken in case of allergy to any compound present in it.
  • To the first dose of MTP Kit to the complete recovery, you are advised not to take alcohol as

it may augment the severity of side effects.